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hm. left last thursday, june 23. nine hour drive to sd was alright. crab hut for jarrod’s birthday! it was yummy. went to my cousin’s house from there.
ran errands on friday. matt made a hellllla good dinner too. then went to in n out for a midnight snack! LOL. i was hella full from dinner though, so i just shared fries and a Neapolitan milkshake with jarrod. watched videos; batman kills christmas and the one with the cool fridge full of drinks. “Justice.” x) “Meow. Ruff. Oink oink.” Lool OH, and jane slept over!(=
got ready for the party on saturday, then people came around 5. chilled for the most part at the beginning.  played with the little kids. piggy back rides, running around in the backyard. cake! hellla caked jarrod. he changed his shirt just for cake because he knew what was coming hahah and he brought an umbrella with him. LOL but it didn’t work because he didn’t know matt would get him from behind hahah “Oh Jesus!” lool EJ and toby chased me around and tried to catch me. they got jarrod to help. then jeron started helping them. they tried to trap me in the laundry room but then i hella grabbed onto jeron hahah i was free! x) people left and jeron ended up spending the night too.
on sunday jarrod, jeron, and i walked to starbucks. got an oreo frap!:D went to raplh’s and cvs because jarrod wanted to get fruit loops. later went to the mall for a bit; jeron, jarrod, and i got a free pizza cookie from mrs. field’s. the lady asked if we were filipino and we said yes and then she asked if we wanted the cookie pizza but we thought we had to pay for it so we said no thanks, but when she said she was just going to throw it away (they were closing soon) we said sure. haha “Oh yeah, nigga made a pizza.” LOL went to Angelo’s for dinner. got me some french toast! they had some real gooooooood french toast, too. dropped stefan off at the base. freaking jeron and jarrod were scared lool there was a bird that was flying hella low, though. got back to the house, and chilled. watched all 11 parts of the music industry exposed. creepy stuff maan. then watched other youtube vids after. got hungry around 3. x.x jeron, jarrod, and i were the only ones still awake and we were kinda scared from the illuminati stuff. walked downstairs and then heard beeping noises. freaking jeron and jarrod ran upstairs hellllllla fast while i just stayed downstairs because i wasn’t really scared. Lool it was hecka funny watching them run x) turned on all the lights, got food, went to the bathroom, and turned off the lights as we went back upstairs. hahah we were going to scare nikki when she woke up at 4:30 but jeron and i ended up falling asleep around 4.
jeron left in the morning on monday. matt, jarrod, and i went to world market. “Come here.” hahah that girl prolly got hella creeped out and thought i was weird. Lool went to sprouts after. they played firework and jarrod and i were just dancing in the middle of the produce section. x) then matt dropped me and jarrod off at bed bath and beyond while he went to bevmo. just roamed around. smelled the candles, looked at paintings/decorations, played with pillows, looked at plates/dishes, played with pillow pets [“Look, double dolphin hands!” Lol], played with the foot massage; kept laughing because it tickled x) then went back to the house.
tuesday was chill. didn’t really do much. played some just dance and chilled. just went with matt to pick up nikki from her internship. we saw bunnies! they were skinny. then went back to the house and chilled.
on wednesday we didn’t do that much either. picked up nikki from her internship. the turtles were hiding D: got back and went to souplantation for dinner. jarrod and i stuffed a cookie in our mouths like the batman kills christmas video LOL my aunt hecka laughed at us x) went to toys r us because jarrod wanted to get glow in the dark stars. then went to petco. petted the bunnies and looked at the guinea pigs and cats and birds and fish. then just went back to the house.
on thursday we went to costco and a fresh produce place, and went back to the house. waited for my aunt to pick up nikki and get gas, and then we went to ikea in sd. i loove ikea:D picked up ashley and went to niban for dinner. we ordered a loot :o went back to the house. couldn’t fall asleep. thought about songs my dad used to sing to me and my sisters when we were little. i was determined to run on friday morning, but i couldn’t fall asleep so when i woke up i was too tired to run.
matt came home friday with jeron. nikki, ashley, jeron, jarrod, stefan, and i walked to ralphs around 7 to get buttermilk, but they didn’t have any. got snacks on snacks Lool walked back. crossed the street; people ran, but i walked kinda. nikki dropped her phone. -.- but i saved it! haha late for dinner by 40 minutes. that’s alright. “We already got dinner.” “What’d you have for dinner?”“Snacks on snacks.” hahah chilled and waited for the other salazars to get to the house. webcammed with megan, played brawl, watched inuyasha. cousins got to the house around 1. claimed sleeping spots, watched 1000 ways to die. people are so stupid. x.x slept laate.
saturday was kinda lazy at the beginning. parents and mia got to the house. the parents went to a wedding in sd. i went to costco, world market, and trader joes with my aunt, matt, jarrod, and lauren. got stuff for dinner and got buttermilk. went back to the house, and everyone was just in the room chilling/sleeping. jeron, jarrod, and i finally made cupcakes; red velvet. mini. i took pictures with matt’s dslr. there’s hella pictures of cupcakes lol helped with dinner. chilled upstairs. got temp tats like at alex’s grad party Lool jeron, jarrod and i got eyes and then we drew a triangle around it like the illuminati Lol dinner was almost ready; plating was all fancy so matt had everyone somewhat dress up Lol “I don’t believe in dresses.” x) stefan, jarrod, and jeron used my straightener Lool waited for everyone to be ready. sat around downstairs. played around with the macro setting on matt’s camera. took pictures in the backyard. i took helllla pictures throughout the day. i took like 400 pictures x) dinner was ready. 7 course meal! first had cantaloupe with prosciutto and asparagus. then had flatbread. then had chicken marsala. then had risotto. then had tortellini. then for dessert we had hazelnut/nutella gelato. then had panna cotta. all with italian soda (peach/strawberry). then had the red velvet cupcakes. everything was made by us, too. mainly by matt, but people helped haha it was soooo filling, but soooooo good. “Everyone go brush your teeth so we can take pictures outside.” Lol freaking matt. x) went outside and took pictures. shortest to tallest, then birth order. Lool the heights were off in the birth order pictures x) parents came back. changed into comfortable clothes hahah chilled in jarrod’s room. claimed sleeping spots again. watched inuyasha hahah got the pictures from matt, sent some to bella; people fell asleep. i eventually fell asleep after ashely turned the lights off and stuff.
woke up around 8:35 but just stayed in the room. got hungry, so i went downstairs. breakfast wasn’t ready yet so i just had a waffle to hold me off. real breakfast was around 11. breakfast casserole, potatoes, fruit salad, and watermelon juice. yums. went back upstairs and continued watching inuyasha lool no one wanted to take us anywhere so we just chilled. san ramon salazars left around 1. the rest of us ended up going to sd. went to ashley’s apartment complex to go swimming. ate dinner down the street, then dropped ashley off at her apartment and left. then my parents and mia left to go to my aunt vera’s house. i ended up staying another night so i could go back with matt. matt, stefan, jarrod, jeron, and i went to ralphs and got more snacks/drinks and redboxed no strings attached. took a shower and watched the movie. after watching it we ended up watching more inuyasha x) fell asleep around 2:30 i think.
woke up around 5:56. then came home. got here around 12:46. ate, chilled, waited for my parents to come home. matt left around 4. now i’m just being sad because i miss so cal and i miss everyone. it feels nothing like 4th of july for me. i’m too lazy to unpack. i’m tempted to just leave my suitcase the way it is for when i go to tahoe for this weekend. but yeah. i wish i didn’t have to come back home today. D:

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